Hello and welcome to rayne-storm.net!  I am Rayne Storm and this is my little piece of the web.  I created this site as a way to get my songs read and heard by many.  By no means am I a great singer nor do I claim to be.  I only sing well enough to record my songs and get the general idea across of how my song is supposed to sound.  I am looking for anyone willing to publish or perform my songs.  If you are such a person, visit the 'Contact' page and fill out the form.  Be advised that all songs on this site, unless specified otherwise, are copyrighted and belong to me.
Please understand that I have put my heart and soul into these songs.  I can take constructive criticism as long as it's not mean, vulgar, or completely unrelated to the song(s) itself / themselves.
     That being said, take a look around and enjoy!